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Exhibition In London September 2014

Hello! Art Cafe London in partnership with the Crepe Shop Art Cafe in Whitechapel (London) is running a series of exhibitions in September 2014. We have run many of them at the Crepe Shop in the past months and we

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Looking for Artworks for CFAB Charity event

Hi Guys! Like we announced in the previous post We have been invited to exhibit/sell artworks  during the CFAB Spring Fair event in order to raise money for the Charity (15th-16th of May 2012). It is a very important event

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Next Opportunity 2012

Hello my dears! We are reassuming in fews lines all the opportunities we have from next months. From London exhibition to International Event in Italy to Spring Fairs for Charity in UK. We give opportunities for a lot of Artists..but

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Niente mi pettina meglio del vento

Avviso di selezione opere pittoriche e fotografiche sul tema dell’ALOPECIA Art Meeting&Prometeo con la collaborazione di Art Caffe London, promuovono “Niente mi pettina meglio del vento”, una serie di eventi itineranti – esposizioni artistiche, seminari e scambi di esperienze –

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We are Calling for Artists!

ART CAFFE LONDON with the Patronage of the BRITISH INSTITUTE OF FLORENCE is glad to announce the new selection for the innovative and stimulating Exhibition in Florence. The exhibition will be displayed mainly in Chateaux Relais Villa La Vedetta, in

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Persona Art Festival is a unique opportunity for innovative and emerging artists to exhibit their work in a major contemporary art show in London. The project, directed by A Moving Exhibition curators Antria Pelekanou and Zia Fernandez, will run from 4 to 8 May

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