Art&Motion London Edition 2016


16th of March 2016

6pm to 8pm

120 London Wall


Invitation Art&Motion

Art&Motion is a collective exhibition of a select group of artists, whose work conceptualises the union between Art and Motion.

The exhibition will be split between two sequential weeks. During the first two weeks, one single artwork from each artist will be on display. Then the entire exhibition will rotate to show each artist’s second selected artwork for the following two weeks. By doing so the exhibition will progress and transform onto a new and exciting environment.

The ART exhibitions have been exploring the concept of how a viewer experiences an artwork. Such exhibitions often force the viewer to confront the emotional effect an artwork might provoke.

The MOTION refers to the relationship between an artwork and the space, which changes continuously and offers endless possibilities to experience art.

The EMOTION explores the purpose of artistic expression as one focused on the viewer’s feelings in response to art.




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