Antonivo Saviezza Exhibition of Painting


From 24th of  January 2018 to 19th of February 2018


Tuesday 23rd of January 2018

from 6pm to 8pm


ART MOOR HOUSE – 120 London Wall – EC2Y 5ET – London UK

About the  Artist

Antonino Saviezza was born in Caltagirone, Sicily, Italy in 1939, city which represents to this day the centre of his personal and artistic life.

After a long career as artisan glazier, specialized in the production of fused glass, experience that significantly marked in his formation from  the compositional and the chromatic point of view, he began to paint suddenly debuting artistic career in 2003.  Antonino’s paintings are emotional activations and they represent the interpretation and analysis of his perceptions of the elements of nature: flowers, birds, fire, sun, wind, water: each of his works whispers a glimpse of a life that never rests His works transmit the constant motion of a process of patiently orchestrated colors. He tackles the game of images and colors as if different streams of light were able to create different moving shapes painted on the surface of the Mediterranean. Each work is made by simple shapes and lines on the canvas and the result grows without premeditation or planning. The procedure is like a journey to the unknown, but at the end surprising and filled with colours and emotions.

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