Vanity Unfair London Edition 2014

Art Cafè London announces the UK edition of the International Exhibition of Contemporary Art for March 2014

Vanity Unfair- When Material Transfoms into Arts

19 – 29 March 2014


Vanity-UnFair London Edition


Art Café London is pleased to announce Vanity Unfair, art exhibition showcasing 30 Italian artists and their interpretation of vanity for March 2014.

On the wave of the success obtained in Italy, Art Café London brings this international event to London in the striking neoclassical venue of the Crypt Galley in St Pancras.

Vanity Unfair wants to represent the vanity in all its shapes and contradictions, investigating from its iconic to its social ambivalence. Considered as a form of self-idolatry and an intense belief in yourself that valorises the best you, and from which none of us can be told to be immune, vanity represents the engine of our actions, our attitudes, or an unconscious demand for self and social recognition. This immodest Narcissus silently inhabiting our souls makes us also deeply annoyed by the others vanity or even presumption of being able to play an unfairly game, for which the rules are only applied to others and not to ourselves.

In this edition of the International Exhibition of Contemporary Art with the motto “When the material regenerated itself like art”, we would like to give our winning artists of the Italian edition the new task of interpreting and vanity using their creativity and sensitivity to unravel all its ambiguity in the contemporary society.

Through any expression, meaning, and the use of any type of material Vanity unfair wants to amuse its public with a variegated selection of art, painting, photos, installations, and music performances exalting the different artists’ connotations of vanity.

Despite Vanity may be an unfair companion, Art Cafè London will fairly host Desperate Artwives contributing to their social purposes, and Greg Photo with his special performace Vanity Chair Experience, involving the spectator for an unconventional experience.

For further press information and images, please contact:

Valentina De Vincenti | Press Officer Art Café London | +44 (0) 7513677882


Nadia Spita | Event Manager Art Café London | +44 (0) 7974364413 | |


Listings information:

Vanity Unfair, When Materials transforms into Arts: Free Exhibition 19 – 29 March 2014

The Crypt Gallery, St Pancras Church, Euston Road, London NW1 2BA

Gallery opening hours: Monday – Sun, Noon – 6pm


About Art Café London:

Art Cafe London organises pop-up art events and exhibitions featuring emerging and established artists in London and Italy. We work with local and international Art Galleries offering several locations in town and exhibition spaces. We also host our branded Art events, fashion shows and product launches.


Vanity Unfair Exhibition is supported by Italian Institutions: Tuscany Region, Pisa Province, City of Pisa, University of Pisa, SpA Navicelli of Pisa, Confcommercio of Pisa, Pisa Fondation. Media Partner: ARTEiN



Alessandro Pizzo, Alessandro Sorbera, Angelo Tricoli, Aniello Saravo,, Concetta Marrocoli,, Daniele Fedi, Dunia Betti, Elena Perosino, Erika Muraro
Francesca Bianchi, Francesco Freddi, Gaspard Coralie, Greg Photo, Lavinia Tucciarelli, Linda D’arrigo, Marcello Simeone, Maria Rosaria Esposito, Mariani Lia, Marilena Bordin, Monica Kirchmayr, Pastorelli Patrizia, Radogna Michela, Raffaella Bertolini, Raffaella Rizzo, Ramon Trinca, Romano Francesco, Rossella Liccione, Samantha Fermo, Sara Lovari, Simona Betti, Simonetti Antonio.

Special Guests: Desperate Artwives