Natural Born Moody (London 2012)

The Team of Natural Born Moody Exhibition is now ready to play!
Art Caffe London has finally selected 11 Artists for this Moody Exhibition.

The Artists have been challenged to choose between their daily mood, attitude and feeling to represent them in 4 artworks.

Anger, Happiness, melancholy, enthusiasm, egocentrism and a lot more in a beautiful selection showing the most moody/moving artwork that Art Caffe London has ever presented.

With the usual scenario at the Vibe Gallery a 10 days exhibition we’ll show how their moods have been represented..

Come to see them at the preview the 2nd of March..

The exhibition will run from 1st of March to the 10th od March

Picture Courtesy of Alistar Cooke

‘Still Waiting’

Artists Selected in rigorous scattered order (.. sorry we are in Funny Mood!!)

Piero Castellano
Andrew Mc Leay
Natasha Green
Marijana Popovic
Valeria Poropat
Alistar Cooke
Michela Riba
Alessandro Carboni
Marcella Crivellaro
Fabiana Harrington
Gerardo Cetta

For any enquires :

Nadia Spita