The Team

Nadia Spita

Event Manager

Nadia is an independent Art Curator with 15 years experience in organising Art events for Art Galleries and Art Associations. She combines her solid educational background in Contemporary Art with postgraduate training in Management (Master in Art Business) and in Event Management.



Greg Salvatori


Greg is a New York photographer, specialising in headshots and portrait photography. His photographs have been featured in magazines, books, art publications, art galleries, museums, contemporary art exhibitions and pop up art events (Europe and United States).



Louis Slabbert

Online Marketing /SEO Tech Support

Louis is an Online Marketing Consultant who spend 90,9% of his spare time buying and using new software tools to promote websites of clients.. He also guest lectures at a London University teaching students and external attendees everything he knows about getting the most out of their websites through online Marketing.

Chiara Mura

Project Manager (Italy)
Chiara is responsible for all aspects of Italian events including programme development, logistics and marketing and she has a extensive range of experience in event production, client management and account management.

Chiara Mura

Denise Denegri

Fashion Stylist
Many people with a flair for fashion think they could make it as a stylist. It’s not just about having a strong sense of style and a love of fashion. An that is what Denise does: She use Fashion in any minute of her life. All the fashion decision are entrusted to her 7th sense: The style.



Nicola Donati

Graphic Designer

Nicola is a young and foolish graphic designer (of course!) He transforms any idea in commercial projects, helping to build brand with marketing concepts. If you’re looking for a creative and professional designer.. step forward, we can borrow him!


Fabio Cosci

Sound Engineer


A Perfect Event requires a perfect organisation and a perfect organisation needs a perfect Sound/Video engineer.
We have it.
Among recording talented bands and creating some light and sound installations our youngest professional is our colon for any International events.




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